Sagas of the Radiant Age

Three Feathers Log

So many masters!


Dear diary, merciful diary,

Three Feathers is having a good year. Three Feathers has sold many many many things to many masters. Three Feathers has barely been struck all year! Many friends, many masters. Three Feathers sold dagger to his friend Gaspar, but Gaspar died because of ghosts. Not to worry, not to worry, the dagger was recovered and now belongs to a prince in Skarn. All things are going according to plan, diary. If I sell all daggers, my families will not be killed by the Raksasha. Some daggers I sold to dragonmen of Thrumfaust. Now many baby daggers rest in many hands, all listening, all whispering to Raksasha. Three feathers did very well. Almost done! Sold some in GuaXiaa, and now going to sell some in the dwarf lands in Alexandria. Short masters will like my shiny daggers, and will then have all the worlds in the eyes of the Raksasha.

Wish me luck, diary.




GMHerauk GMHerauk

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